"Move with an intention of love for your body and what it can do."

Challenge and change often go hand in ha

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Kelsey Norman

My purpose and passion is to help others find joy through the power of movement and mindfulness practices. Providing support through my experience and coaching others through theirs to build a deeper appreciation for the bodies abilities and function rather than focusing on idealized aesthetics. Let's break down the societal pressures of perfection and find freedom to be the badass you are! I'm not here to sell you a bunch of bullshit supplements, waist trainers, and fairy tale promises of how you too can obtain the perfect body in X amount of days. I'm here to give you a realistic expectation of what can be achieved when you stop fighting your body, demonizing food, and hating on yourself. It's a KRAEKRAE life and I'm here for you! 

With a background in Kinesiology and years of experience teaching bootcamps and Group Fitness classes,  I'm well-equipped to cater workouts to you, My certifications include Canfitpro FIS, certified Master Trainer with SoulBody Fitness Global and Co-Director of the SoulBody Power program, Les Mills - BodyPump, BodyFlow, Cxworx, Les Mills Tone, YogaFit instructor, TRX, and Bootcamp Coach. Stretch marks, extra skin, busted joints, and broken all tells a beautiful story and it's my own personal experience and results that allow me to be a relatable coach and support for many. 


It's a KraeKrae Life!

Movement Mindset Matters.

Moving with powerful purpose to redefine fitness industry norms.

This is me. Then and now and I'm pretty damn proud of myself.


2010 was my breaking heaviest emotionally and physically somewhere around 325lbs, depressed, bulimic, and just sick. I'm a healthy happy person today and am so thankful for those that have led as examples and helped me find appreciation for my body and it's abilities. I finally feel good, my body functions well, and I'm way more confident. For the longest time I went about moving and eating with an unhealthy mindset and goal. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Rely on people who you can relate to. If you choose to use a nutritionist, health coach, or trainer make sure they are a certified professional with proven expertise in their field and not an Instagram model who just started selling supplements and wraps last week.


I hope that if you are struggling with your body that you ditch all the diet dogma. Stop buying all the quick fix bullshit, because it can take literal years to figure out what your body needs. I tried everything to lose weight and it never lasted, because I never wholly committed or would get comfortable. Get uncomfortable and get to know your body. We are all unique individuals, inside and out! Don't just jump at a "diet" because it worked for someone else and don't try to out-exercise poor nutrition cause it does not work - I KNOW. It's like my amazing friend Erin @eat.simple.erin says - "feed your body nutrient dense satiating foods when you're hungry...". Exercise, of course - your body is designed to move. Caloric deficit, obviously. Find what works for you and do it consistently. Take your time for lasting results. There is no magic pill, just constant focus and enough selflove to make the daily effort.


Most importantly if you struggle know that you're not alone! I've been on both ends of the spectrum and there is judgement when you're obese and when you're fit and healthy. People will love you and people will hate you succeeding in life. Don't let people and their negativity derail you. You are worth struggling for.


Don't give up!


Kelsey Norman


Okotoks, AB Canada

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